HSB-Blendivet - The competence for professional reproductive medicine
The aim is to ensure that reproduction in your dogs is as stress-free as possible for everyone involved - stress-free for dog and human!
  • Import and export - worldwide
  • Safe seed storage for decades
  • Online access to your stock
  • High flexibility with appointments
  • Decades of experience
  • Semen collection and examination
  • Production of chilled seed
  • Production of frozen seeds
  • Storage of frozen semen
  • Seed transmission
  • import and export
Our method :
For seed preparation we use the Uppsala II method, as described by Prof. Linde-Forsberg, in slightly modified form.
We portion into straws, whereby usually 3 or 4 straws result in an insemination dose (see below).
The handling of differently processed seeds (e.g. according to the guidelines of ICSB, Zoetis, Innov. Canine Reprod. / CLONE..) is familiar to us and equally welcome.
Our quality standards :
Not every male semen is equally suitable for deep freezing.
In order to ensure the most consistent quality possible, we define the seed portions based on the thawing result:
Insemination dose (ID): 120 - 150 million forward motile spermatozoa after thawing
(Possible deviations: For small breeds, a quantity of 100 million forward moving spermatozoa can be defined as one insemination dose. For large breeds in connection with reduced thawing quality, it may be useful to define a quantity of 200 million forward motile spermatozoa as an insemination dose).
This also meets the highest quality standards in international comparison.
How much semen is used to occupy a bitch ?
An insemination dose (ID) is calculated in such a way that even the transfer of a larger quantity of semen would not have a greater chance of pregnancy.
In an effort to improve fertility when using frozen semen, there are approaches to occupy a bitch on two consecutive days. The most common approach in this form is transcervical insemination (TCI). In these cases one insemination dose is used in each case.
Note: The number of insemination doses to be used to occupy a bitch is an important part of the price negotiations between semen owner and bitch owner.
Safe and reliable ovulation diagnosis
Breeding Season Determination with the HSB Blendivet® - Method
Make an appointment with one of our partners
Blood sample collection and, if necessary, further tests
Transmission and interpretation of findings on the same day in person, by telephone or by e-mail
Make a new appointment or fix a mating date with the owner of the male
First veterinary examination of a bitch in heat, in which she will be bred:
We recommend a gynecological examination in the first 3 to 5 days of heat
First test (blood sample) for breeding time determination and further course:
A: The safe way
(especially for new breeders of bitches with an unclear cycle or for males with indications of reduced fertility or conspicuous breeding behavior)

- First test on the 5th to 7th day of heat
- Repeat tests at 2 to 4 day intervals after consultation with the partner practice (depending on test results), until ovulation can be terminated with high certainty
- Determination of the breeding season with the dog owner.
- incidentally: blood tests can indicate ovulation is imminent two days before it occurs. This is a good time to talk with the dog owner about the alternative dates.
B: Variations
(especially for experienced breeders)

- Tester determination when the bitch starts to show breeding readiness.
- Test with two bitches, to be mated with the same dog, to know which must be bred first
- Test to confirm the assumed cycle state when there is a long way to the male
- Test after mating to confirm ovulation when suspected of an anovulatory cycle (cycle without ovulation)
Production / Storage of frozen semen
One-off production of frozen seeds 350 €
of 10 insemination doses of a male
(within 12 weeks)
795 €
Storage of 1 to 10 insemination doses per year
up to 10 insemination doses regardless of how many males the semen comes from
95 €
Shipping frozen semen
International shipping organization (if freight is paid externally) 45 €
Shipping within Germany (returnable container) 195 €
Shipping within Europe (returnable containers)
(in individual cases deviations are possible)
555 €
Shipping to USA / Canada 839 €
Attention: When importing semen to Germany
If semen is imported into Germany from a country outside Europe, customs and border control fees are incurred.

These are charged to and paid by HSB-Blendivet GmbH. They are then passed on to the semen recipient(s).

These costs depend, among other things, on the declared or determined value of the goods. For this reason, they cannot be clearly determined in advance. Usually it concerns an amount just under 300.
-300 €
Chilled seed, production and dispatch
Production and shipping within Germany 245 €
Production and shipping within Europe 380 €
Seed transmission
Fresh seed transfer: collection, examination, endoscopic-transcervical transfer 175 €
Transmission Cooled semen endoscopically transcervically 185 €
Frozen semen transfer endoscopically transcervically 210 €
Surgical semen transfer (frozen semen)
(plus medication and material)
385 €
Weekend and holiday surcharge - endoscopic sperm transfer 45 €
Weekend and holiday surcharge - surgical semen transfer (frozen semen) 59 €
Andrology / semen examination
Brief semen examination including printout of findings 75 €
Andrological ultrasound examination (bladder, kidneys, prostate, testicles) 75 €
Additional examination for anaerobic germs including antibiogram 35 €
Complete andrological examination with report 249 €
Infertility and abortion profile
(PCR test for: Brucella canis, Canines herpes virus; Chlamydia spp., Mycoplasem spp. Incl. Bacteriological test)
(labor costs)
145 €