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The German Shepherd dog is popular as both a family companion and as a working animal due to its loyal nature and multiple talents. Bred from herding and farm dogs, the German Shepherd was first shown in 1882, with the first official registration in 1899. Outside of Germany, the breed was recognised by the American Kennel Club in 1908.

Due to its working heritage, the German Shepherd makes an excellent herder, but is also widely used as a guard dog, guide dog and as a search and rescue dog. Frequently employed by the police and military, this highly intelligent breed also makes a wonderful show dog, agility competitor and family pet.

Character and Temperament

The German Shepherd is a focused and clever dog. As such it thrives on mental stimulation, and with strong leadership will demonstrate obedience and an eagerness to learn. Firm training is vital with this breed. If the animal does not understand its trainer is pack leader, behavioural problems such as shyness or aggression can arise. However, with confident...

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