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The Presa Canario was developed on the Canary Islands in the 1800s and was originally a farm utility dog. The Canary Island was named after this breed, which is believed to be descended from the now extinct Bardino Majero and well as imported English Mastiffs. The Presa Canario was trained to catch wild boars and unruly cattle and was also used to protect livestock from humans and wild predators. The Presa Canario was later used as a dog fighter for entertainment, although this practice was later outlawed. The breed is still kept by some farmers, especially on the Canary Islands, as a farm dog.

Body Type

This robust breed has a powerful and strong head that is roughly the same width as the length. The Presa Canario has a deep and broad chest, while its rump is raised slightly. The breed is characterised by its thick skin, powerful muscles, dense bones and massive head, which comes complete with a large jaw. The coat is rather is short and is often fawn, while marbled markings are also common among the Presa Canario.


This docile and affectionate dog is a great family companion and relates well to children. Due to its protective nature, the Presa Canario tends to be distrustful of strangers, which means thorough socialisation from an early age is essential in order to...

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